The war on culture

Today, we are seeing the Liberal war on culture and American history. It seems like Liberals are on overdrive in trying to ban the Confederate flag from public view. It is as the Liberals are on full assault on all the symbols and things that make America great such as 1st amendment rights, 2nd amendment rights, Freedom of religion and freedom of expression. These whacked out liberals and progressives are trying to rewrite history and trying to destroy America to the point of sissifying America in the same way Liberals and progressives have done in Europe. What it is happening is liberals and progressives are pussificating and sissying America.  Liberals and progressives are weakening America to the point that where people won’t have any rights and are sliding more towards communism and socialism.

Confederate flag meme

Right now, you are seeing the liberal and progressive rage on the Confederate flag because in the minds of these warped out Liberals and progressives. They think the Confederate flag is a symbol of Hate. They think the confederate flag is a sign of hatred and racism and seem to have forgotten all the history behind the confederate flag.  In reality, the Confederate flag is a battle flag that the confederate army used in the civil war. The people who perverted the Confederate flag are your hate groups who the liberals and progressives are attacking against for having the right to speak their mind.

One irony of all this, is that even in the liberal and progressive circles in the 1990’s, the Clintons too used the Confederate flag in their campaign. You do not see them attacking the Clintons for using the Confederate flag. It is because the Liberals and progressives are doing a double take and double standards because in their mind, it is okay for the Clintons, but not okay for everyday common folks. That is why the Liberals and progressives commit the worst hypocrisy on this planet and the worst double standards ever. Here is an example of the Clinton – Gore team in 1992 using the Confederate flag.


What this fight about the confederate flag reminds me is, if these whacked out liberals and progressives can take down the confederate flag. What is stopping them from going after the American flag as well? Folks, the Confederate flag are the Liberals and progressives first target and assault on American Icons. If they succeed, then the American Flag is their Next target. We all know Liberals and progressives hate the American flag because in a liberal and progressive warped mind, the American flag is oppressive to them.

What you are seeing here folks is the Liberal and progressive trying to take down anything that in their mind is oppressive to them. They are trying to silence anyone who does not agree with them and are trying to spread misinformation and present falsehoods. See, liberals and progressives hate Facts, truth and reality. They have a deep hatred for anyone who speaks the truth and knows the REAL facts.  That is why in the Liberal and progressives circles, Facts and truths are a sin to them. That is why they try to hide from facts and truths and run out people who know the truth.

It’s why another good example of Liberals trying to destroy a symbol, is take the swastika for instance. In Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, the swastika is a symbol of the Hindu God Vishnu. Hindus in India have used to Swastika for centuries before the Nazi’s got their hands on it and perverted it.  Today, if you show a symbol of a swastika, regardless of it’s origins, it’s branded as being very hateful and bigotry in the eyes of liberalism and progressives. That is because in Liberal and progressive circles, they cannot make the distinction between the Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism version of the swastika and the more hateful Nazi version. When these liberals and progressives see the Swastika, they automatically call it very hateful. It’s why just like the swastika, the Liberals are attacking the Confederate flag and trying to ban it from the public mind.

The one thing I discussed earlier is, if these whacked out liberals and progressives get their way in destroying the Confederate flag. What is really going to stop them from taking down the American Flag? This is only the beginning because these whacked out liberals and progressives are trying to rewrite history in their own image and trying to stamp out all the good and bad things that made America Great. Such as Gun rights and Freedom of speech. What is stopping these whacked out liberals and progressives from assaulting the American Flag.

I will say this, if liberals and progressives want to ban the Confederate flag because they think it is hateful. I say in return, let us ban the LGBT flag because is intolerant, bigoted and offensive. The LGBT flag is very offensive because of its intolerance towards other and being very offensive. There should be a federal law banning all flags from Public property and the only FLAG authorized to be flow on public property is the AMERICAN flag. What is fair is fair in my mind is that if they take the Confederate flag down. The LGBT flag must come down as well.

As for me, the only FLAGS I fly in my dorm and home are these




If these whacked out liberals and progressives try to take these down, then we will have one massive issue.