Weighting in on the Gay Marriage and Confederate flag debacle

With what is going on in this country, first with the confederate flag debacle, all because of that Charleston, South Carolina shooting. Now with the Gay Marriage Debacle and the Supreme court legalizing Gay marriage. In my opinion, none of these issues affects me or bothers me on several grounds. That is because being a single person and an Intersex person. LGBT issues have no bearing on my life. They do not affect me and don’t affect me in any way or shape. Now as oppose to the confederate flag issue, that dose bother me because that infringes on all the rights and freedoms we have in America. Regardless if it is hateful, it does not bother me but dose bother me when other people try to impose their views and try to rewrite history.

Which is why for me, I do not care about the Gay Marriage issue because the fact that Gay marriage doesn’t impact me or affect me. I am not getting married any time soon because let’s face it, I’m still single and frankly, I’m skipped over by many women because of my disability and my intersex condition. That’s why Gay marriage is a nonissue for me. I do not see why all the fuss and big hoot and holler is all about. It doesn’t bother me and doesn’t affect me and impact me at all.

As oppose to the confederate flag, that dose affect me because someone is imposing their will on others. Regardless of whether the flag is hateful or not, people have the right to display whatever flag they want. Which I am all for freedom of expression and if impose on one, your gona have to impose on the other or none at all. That’s why when it comes to the Confederate flag debacle, I side on the rights of those who want the confederate flag to be shown. They should be allowed to be shown and if they take the confederate flag down, they should also take the Gay flag down as well. No flag other than what the US Government sanctions and approves should be flown. It’s why I am defending their right to have to have the confederate flag to be flown. If they can’t, NONE should be flown at all.

If you look at what is going on in this country and what direction, it’s going at. If you want my opinion, this is nothing more than a side bar, distraction to a larger issue that is either way going to impact us. Look at what’s going on in Syria, Iraq, Crimea, Yemen, Greece and the emerging China. Look at what’s going on with the economy in this country. Sooner or later, were going to be facing a looming crisis and a major issue that’s going to affect us globally. The way things are going now and with the distractions of Gay Marriage and the Confederate flag. Were eventually going to have to face that 800lb Gorilla in the room.