The realities of Intersex

One thing I am finding so irritating is the fact that many of the Gays and Trans have used the Intersex/DSD name as justification or to legitimize their political agenda at the expense of Intersex/DSD people. What I find very shocking is that almost all of the people, who use the intersex name to further the Gay or Trans political ideology, have failed basic biology and basic genetic science. As an Intersex/DSD person with Kallmann Syndrome, it pisses me off when I see people online using the Intersex/DSD name to further their failed ideology or political agenda.

I have seen many instances online where people bring up Intersex people as if it is proof or legitimacy to argue their point at people. It makes me wonder why the hell they are bringing up intersex/DSD people, as if being born with an intersex/DSD is a sex, gender or gender identity. It seems like some either don’t know what being born with an Intersex/DSD condition actually means or that some are just clueless idiots who think intersex/DSD is a convenient way to argue at someone at the expense of others.

In many ways, it just pisses me off when I see the Intersex/DSD name being used to argue a political agenda or an Ideology. It is nothing more than a MAJOR Red Herring and MAJOR Red FLAG when anyone tries to bring up and Intersex. I see so many red herrings and Red flags that I sometimes get nauseated. I see so many people who use the intersex name in any argument that I sometimes have to puke in the toilet. It just boggles my mind as to why these delusional LGBT, Liberals and progressives try to use intersex people to further their argument.

What do they gain in using Intersex/DSD people or the Intersex name in their arguments? It seems like some of these LGBT, Liberals and progressives think that by using the Intersex name, they think its legitimizing intersex people or they think they are helping intersex people. In reality, it is not helping and it is actually hurting intersex people and making it a heck of a lot harder to be treated and recognized.

One of the most damming ways the LGBT, Liberals and progressives are hurting intersex people is when every time they bring up intersex people in any arguments. People assume that being born with an Intersex condition is a sex, gender or gender identity, instead of being just a medical condition. The LGBT, Liberals and progressives do more harm to Intersex people by sexualizing intersex conditions and fetishizing intersex people. They actually make it very hard for Intersex people to exist, when you have LGBT, Liberals and progressives using them constantly to push their political agenda at people. Many people who have Intersex/DSD conditions cannot come out and say they are intersex because they fear being sexualized and fetishized by the LGBT, Liberals and progressives. That is why you do not see to many people who are the REAL deal, medically diagnosed intersex people because they fear these people who pervert their medical condition and I do not blame them.

Many times online, when I see these so-called intersex people online. Almost 90% of them are either lying to people or they never got medically tested & diagnosed. Almost the majority of those who claim to be intersex and never were tested are either trans or genderqueers who think being Intersex is a sex or gender identity. The reality is, none of them would never make it or get used to it because in some of the known intersex/DSD conditions out there. There are intersex conditions that have MAJOR health issues that can literally kill them if left untreated and not medically cared for. There are major health issues that are associated with having an Intersex/DSD condition that I would not even wish on my worst enemies. In my case with Kallmann Syndrome, on top of being deaf in one ear and not having the ability to smell anything. Being on a highest risk for osteoporosis and major heart issues would be the biggest health issue in my life. On top of the fact that your rendered sterile from birth to death and can’t reproduce naturally.

What many people do not understand is that, when you use the intersex name to further or justify your argument and stance. Your actually co-opting and appropriating someone else’s condition. Your cheapening their medical condition, life experience and upbringing, just of justify and legitimize your argument at someone’s expense. As an Intersex person myself, it hurts me when my condition is cheapened whenever someone uses the intersex name to argue a point or agenda.

Which is why I am not fond of people using the Intersex name to argue or legitimize an agenda. It is a major RED HERRING in my book and it’s wrong to use someone else’s existence to further there’s at someone else’s expense. It’s why the LGBT, Liberals and progressives that do that all the time, piss me off and sometimes frustrate the living hell out of me and many times pisses off Intersex people, Intersex activist and the Intersex community. The reality is that the LGBT, Liberals and progressives pisses off Intersex people, Intersex activist and the Intersex community all the time when they steal their name.