Being Gay and Queer in the Laotian community

Great Job. Even as an Intersex person in the Laotian Community. I still face sexism and homophobia in the Laotian community as well.

Little Laos on the Prairie

Guest bLaogger, Danny Khounthavong Guest bLaogger, Danny Khounthavong

Minnesota is my home because it’s where I have lived all my life. I live in a small town that is known for its diversity called Worthington. The Laotian community in Worthingon is very well known, and the mayor Al Oberloh attends and celebrates the Lao New Year event. As a first generation college student, I am currently attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. One of the biggest thing that sets me apart from most Laotians is that I’m gay. I’m one of the few out gay Laotians in Minnesota and I don’t want it to be that way. There have been questions and curiosity if there are LGBTQ Laotians out there, and I am here to say, “Yes there are LGBTQ Laotians in the community, and yes we do exist.” We are more prevalent than the community thinks about, or are informed about internally and externally…

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