What is really courage?

If many of you have not heard it yesterday, ESPN has given an ESPY award to Bruce Jenner for his so-called courage in chopping off his dick and putting on a dress.  I am so sick of people calling Bruce Jenner courageous at the ESPN ESPY Awards Bruce Jenner is not courageous or heroic. He is a mentally delusional man with a sick mental illness and a sick fetish. He is a biological born man with XY DNA and he can never ever be a woman no matter what he does to his body. His DNA will always read XY Male. What is sickening is that many of the LGBT, progressives and Liberals are going around online calling him a Hero and heroic. In their delusional, sick and twisted mind, they think what Bruce Jenner is doing is brave, when in reality, he is a sick man and they are parading a mentally ill man as if it is normal.

What real courage is someone who is fighting cancer & deadly disease and has one foot in the Grave. Real courage is someone who puts their life on the line to defend freedom, so that others may live free at their expense. Real courage has to deal with a major illness, disease or major medical condition that impact on your daily life. One good example of real courage is that I know people at The NIH Clinical Center who are battling rare disease and deadly cancers. I met one Cancer patient at NIH Clinical center who had her entire intestines removed and still on her two feet.

Another example of real courage is people who put their lives on the line to defend freedom and many times come back home from the battlefield with missing limbs or none at all. You have people in our military who everyday defend freedom and have the courage to stand up for freedom when others will not. They are willing to put their lives on the line and defend freedom wherever this country needs them. People like Bruce Jenner are not courageous or heroic like those in the Military. He is a sick man and not worthy of being called brave or heroic. Those people have more courage than the Bruce Jenner cap. Bruce Jenner is a sick joke and a man with a mental illness and a sick perversion. He is nothing more than an attention-seeking whore.

What make’s me sick is how so many people are defending Bruce Jenner and how many people think he deserves the ESPY awards. Those people who defend Bruce Jenner in getting the ESPY awards are neither heroic nor brave. They never did anything that contributed to humanity or helped the cause the cause they believed in. All what Bruce Jenner did was traded in two balls for two boobs and a fake Mangina. He is an attention-seeking whore who wants money and fame and is really a sick man. Whom the liberals are parading around the media and in society as if it’s normal.

What people do not realize is that Bruce Jenner killed a woman in a car accident and they are celebrating a killer who killed a woman. Liberals and the LGBT like to conveniently ignore the fact that a man in a dress killed a woman and want the media and society to forget about it. Well some people have not forgot about the victim and her name is Kim Howe.

So in last night’s ESPN ESPY awards, they were awarding and applauding a biological man in a dress who killed a woman named Kim Howe. They were applauding the fact that Bruce Jenner erased another woman from existence and applauding his Manhood, Male privilege and White Male entitlement. Bruce Jenner is not an example of what it means to be courageous, brave or heroic. What he is is an example of a delusional, mentally ill, self-centered and attention-seeking whore. They were celebrating a man who has a very sick fetish and a sick delusion. What Bruce Jenner is, is that he is nothing more than a Man in a dress, pretending to be a woman. Which he will NEVER EVER be a REAL biological born woman.