What August means for me

It’s that time of the year, when August rolls around the corner. It means summer is over for most people and the march back to the Dorm and back to those college classes at the end of the month. For me, my summer is over and my summer normally starts in May and ends in July. August for me means it’s time to switch my body and mindset back to College and all those things that preoccupy my mind. On top of that being that it’s my Senior year and I am graduating this year. I am have to start planning for graduate Nursing school and studying for those dreaded GRE exams. Which means brushing up on my Algebra and statistics. Then taking A&P and Chem classes before hitting the nursing school. I’m thinking of taking the CLEP exam for CHEM and possibly biology as well.

So far for this summer, one highlight of the Summer I can say tops the list is spending one week at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland. That was one of the best parts of the Summer I had because I got to see a place that makes my hospitals back home look like an outpatient clinic. The nice part is that I got in on some ground-breaking research into Kallmann Syndrome. Including learning things that my doctors back home could never find. So going back to college at the end of the month, that’s going to be one thing I can say, tops the list.

The other thing I started doing is looking at graduate Nursing schools. I’m trying to get into a graduate Nursing school and get either my RN or NP. At the same time, trying to map out my way to finishing off the remaining Nursing school requirements such as Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and Microbiology by the fall of 2016. Which I may wind up taking summer school classes before I jump into nursing school.

Other than that, August to me is just another month and another month to get through. However, now I have to focus my mindset on doing research and prepping for graduate Nursing school. However, the one thing I look forward to is getting my bachelor’s degree in 2016, which would be so cool.

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