Why the EMS System in Connecticut sucks

One thing I don’t often say a lot is that as an EMT, the EMS system in Connecticut SUCKS. That is because as a minority and an EMT, it’s often hard to find many places to volunteer as an EMT in Connecticut. Not too many places would want an EMT that is not in their town. On top of that, the Volunteer Fire and EMS squads in Connecticut have this system called the “Good ole boys” club. Where if you are friends with a particular person, you can get to do things and get to be with the in crowd. It is why I often find it very hard as an EMT to use my license and use my skills that I learned from.

Another reason why the EMS system in Connecticut sucks is the fact that they got rid of the EMT Intermediates that was so common with the Rural EMS squads. They tried to replace it with something that is not common with National standards. In effect, the state is trying to erase the EMT intermediates from the state and make it EMR, EMT and Paramedic. That is why it pissed off many Volunteer EMS squads who don’t have a full time Paramedic or are not near a major hospital.

One reason why it’s hard to be an EMT in Connecticut is the fact that most of the Volunteer EMS squads are in places that are out of the way or that they are very limited in how many people they can have. On top of that it’s a system that is who you know can let you in and do things. It seems like almost all the Volunteer EMS squads in Connecticut run on the who you know system. That’s why for me as an outsider looking in, I’m finding hard to break into that system. Even in other organizations, I was in, that system of who you know was so common that it was hard to work under and get things done. It was like in order to do this or be part of this, you had to kiss up so many asses that nothing get’s done. On top of that, you were never treated as a person, let alone part of the organization.

That’s why I see the EMS system in Connecticut as not the greatest. It’s a system for those who know people on the inside can get to do the fun things. Those are not part of the in crowd, are left out in the cold. It’s as in the case of me, where I’ve been an EMT for so many years. Done very little and seldom use my EMT skills at all. I see the system here as a joke and that the Volunteer EMS system in Connecticut is a complete joke. People are never given any opportunities and the opportunities that dose exist only exist for those in the know and those who know those who are in on them.

It’s why for me, getting my EMT was considered a stepping stone in Nursing or paramedic school and something I can add to my resume that I have. However, if I ever wanted to put my EMT license to good use, I would have to leave Connecticut and go to another state that has opportunities. Whereas in Connecticut, it is so few and so limiting that it is hard to be an EMT in Connecticut. You gotta be in a place that has a Volunteer EMS squad and sad to say my part of Connecticut doesn’t even have one.