Intersex minority voices

One thing I have noticed how so many intersex voices are being heard. Most of these are Black, White and Latino voices that are being heard in the Intersex community. What is missing from these voices, is voices from the Asian American community and other minorities. You do not hear nothing from the Asian community and any other racial/ethnic minority group. It seems like the Intersex community and the LGBT communities only want to present a view that Intersex and LGBT is only for White, Black and Latino people. No minorities and ethnic groups are included.

It seems to me that many in the Intersex community and LGBT community have a bias and racist slant towards minorities and ethnic groups that are not hip, popular or trendy like the black and Latino groups. Which makes wonder how inclusive and diverse is the LGBT and intersex groups that claim to be diverse and inclusive. Sad to say, none of the LGBT groups and Intersex groups I have seen are very diverse and inclusive. It’s downright racist and exclusionary towards other minorities and other ethnic groups. In Every Campaign that the LGBT or intersex groups have pulled, I have not seen one equally represented from the Asian American community. It’s largely absent because mainstream LGBT and intersex groups ignore Asian American’s and only focus on white, black and Latino LGBT or intersex people.

As an Asian American, Laotian American who is deaf in one ear and born with an Intersex condition. My voice, story or issues never get’s heard by the mainstream LGBT and Intersex community. It get’s shunned, silenced and ignored because in order to have your voice heard, you have to be either white, black or Latino. Any other racial minority or ethnic group, your voice will never be heard.

It makes me wonder, why the fuck should I be supporting a community that is not diverse and does not give a voice to any other racial minority & ethnic minority who might be LGBT or born with an Intersex condition. It seems like the problem with the LGBT and Intersex groups that in order to make their agenda sell, you have to have the most popular and hip ethnic group and racial group in order to make the issues stick. Since Asian Americans are not hip, and popular ethnic group. You do not hear anything about LGBT Asian Americans or intersex Asian Americans in the Mainstream LGBT and Intersex groups.

Which is why I am not happy with the way Intersex groups and LGBT groups treat other ethnic groups and other racial minority groups. They ignore them, erase them and make them feel as if they are invisible and not heard from. It makes me feel like Intersex groups like AIC do not care about Ethnic/racial minorities who are intersex or LGBT. It makes me feel like if you want to be part of that group, you have to be either white, black or Latino. It seems like being Asian American, were not welcomed into the intersex community or LGBT community.

What pisses me off is when Intersex groups and LGBT groups claim to be diverse. You don’t see the real diversity and instead what passes for diversity is only black and Latino LGBT and intersex people. Not diversity that includes all racial and ethnic groups. It makes you wonder, does the LGBT and Intersex community have a Race and Ethnic diversity issue? Sad to say, the Intersex community and the LGBT community has a Huge race and Ethnic diversity issue.