Windows 95 turns 20 today

The pre dawn days of the Internet were different than they are today. Today in computer history, Microsoft launched Windows 95 on this day in August 24 1995. Back then the Internet and computing were making huge gains. That’s how I got started as well when the internet happened, I graduated from New Britain High school in 1994 and the pre internet days were those that were windows 3.1

Mind you folks, this was before the advent of social media like we have to day. This was in the days were webpages were huge and learning HTML were the cornerstones to how to work the Internet.

Here’s even the early coverage of what CNET looked like in the mid 1990’s. Goes to show much has changed since 1995. Since the days of Windows 95, it was huge back then and everyone wanted to get in on the ground and running.

Even for all you nostalgia fans, you can see how really old windows 95 is by the way it was taught to people by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Mathew Perry

So it just goes to show how far we come in the computer world from Windows 95 to now Windows 10. It even goes to show how old I really am, if windows 95 is 20 yrs old today.