First week back on campus

First week is great being back on campus. It’s nice to be back in my dorm and much more quieter place. It’s not that bad and my moving back in was very easy and uneventful. Yes this is the year I am graduating from college and I am looking forward to applying to graduate school and I have to take the dreaded GRE exam. So that’s a thing to do for my Senior year and finish up with Nursing school prep courses.

Before I moved back on campus, I had my Wisdom teeth taken out. All 4 of them including the baby teeth taken out. It was very painful for the first couple of days and now the pain is subsiding and I am hoping that after Labor day weekend, the pain is gone. I am still trying to work my way back to solid foods, but that will depend on how much my mouth can tolerate and how far along my corners of the mouth are healing. My only hope is that by the end of the month I can eat solid foods, the pain is gone and that I can go back to normal routine. Which is why the one thing that is still bothering me is the pain in my jaw and the surgical sutures that are annoying the hell out of me.

Other than that, I am glad to be back on campus and I am glad to be graduating this year. So I hope to make my Senior year the best year for me.