What it means to be an Asian American college student

What I notice in this country as an Asian American and a College student is that your college experience will largely depend on your race, ethnicity and skin color. In my case as an Asian American, my college experience is vastly different from everyone else on my campus. Which is why my college experience is not that typical of many other college students. Even as an Asian American, most of my college experience is solely focused on Academics and trying to graduate with a college degree. The idea of socializing on campus such as joining a club or sports club is something that not many Asian American college students will do.  Most of the time, it’s spent on academics and trying to get into that top Nursing, medical and Pharmacy school. It’s why it often bugs me, when people ask why I don’t socialize on campus or join a club on campus.

As one of the very few Asian American and Laotian American college students on my campus at Eastern Connecticut State University, that is very liberal. It’s often very difficult to get involve and socialize. That is because coming from an Asian American culture, where Education is an extremely high value. There is little room to socialize and join an on campus club. In Asian American Culture, Education is heavily emphasize because Education is the key to high paying professions such as Pharmacist, Doctor, Nurse, Physician Assistant or even Nurse Practitioner. It’s why most Asian American college students like myself, see little value in on campus clubs and organizations because it’s either not inclusive or that there is the Bamboo ceiling that is hard for Asian Americans to break.

Which is why being an Asian American college student; I am often forced to conform the Model minority myth and all the stereotypes that are typical of Asian American college students who value education that socialization. It’s why on campus, you never see people like me running a club or running any event on campus. It’s always, class, homework, tutor’s lab time, study and house work. It leaves little room for me to socialize and make friends on campus. It’s why I often think that the pressure to get a degree is often why I don’t socialize with people or socialize with clubs or groups. Instead it’s grinding away and trying to get the degree and into the workforce.

Even for me, I hadn’t even had the chance to socialize or make any friends on campus. I’ve been grinding away and trying to study and get my college degree. Every on campus club I have seen on my campus, I have little to no opportunities to socialize and do things. Which often times reminds me of the Community college days when in Community college, there was very little to socialize and form groups. That was because everyone worked and had a home to take care of. Which is why here in a university, it’s hard to socialize and break out of the community college and the Asian American mentality. As a result, I am doing the same thing such as sticking to my studies, avoiding socializing like the plague and trying to get my degree as fast as I can. That is why for me, even though I live on campus, I still do the community college routine of Class, lab, tutors, Homework and house work. Even though I go to a 4 year university and live on campus.