Fallacy of Intersex awareness day

In a couple of days, Intersex people will be celebrating this so called day called Intersex awareness day. It’s a day that was originally conceived by the now defunct Intersex Society of North America on October 26 1996. It was originally conceived to bring awareness about the plight of Intersex people but the Intersex awareness day has been hijacked, co-opted and misused by the LGBT community. It was a day for Intersex people only to come out from the medical veil of secrecy and tell their story of growing up Intersex. Instead, Intersex Awareness day has been perverted and sexualized by those who are not born intersex condition and those who have sexual fetishes and sexual perversions.

As an Intersex/DSD person who has Kallmann’s syndrome, I don’t celebrate Intersex awareness day because of the fact that the Intersex/DSD community is so divided and so divisive. It is so divided because of the fact that intersex/DSD community can’t come up with what’s considered intersex/DSD and what’s not. At the same time, many non-Intersex people such as LGBT people and Transgender people have perverted and sexualized what it means to be born with an Intersex/DSD condition. At the same time I won’t be celebrating Intersex Awareness day because society and the LGBT constantly ignores, erases and hides Intersex/DSD people and their Life experience and how they grew up.

It’s why as an Intersex/DSD person who is not connected with any known Intersex/DSD organization. I won’t be celebrating because none of the Intersex/DSD organizations listen to Actual diagnosed Intersex/DSD people like myself. Instead they cater and center their activities around the LGBT and Trans, who are NOT intersex/DSD people. Which is why Intersex/DSD people like myself who are the lone voices of the Intersex/DSD community because every Intersex/DSD has become a tool or pawn of the LGBT and Trans community. It’s why Intersex/DSD people don’t have a voice unless they play along with LGBT politics.

That’s why I won’t be celebrating Intersex awareness day until every Intersex/DSD people have their own voice and speak up for themselves. I won’t be celebrating until every diagnosed Intersex/DSD condition is represented and based on sound scientific FACTS instead of fantasy or delusional thinking. I won’t be celebrating until every intersex/DSD condition and the people who have them are recognized. That is because you have a divided Intersex community who still don’t recognize curtain intersex conditions such as Kallmann’s syndrome. Even in the face of hard scientific evidence supporting them, you still have Intersex people and Intersex activist who are still stuck on the older definition of what it Intersex means instead of the newer, more scientific proven definition of what it means to be Intersex.

So in a couple of days, when you celebrate intersex awareness day. You are celebrating the sexualization and perversion of Intersex/DSD people. Your celebrating a day that has been hijacked and co-opted by the LGBT and Transgender community who are not Intersex people. Your celebrating a day that marginalizes, hides and trivializes Intersex/DSD people. Your celebrating a day that ignores intersex/DSD people and ignores their plight and story.

Which is why for me, as an Intersex/DSD person with Kallmann’s syndrome. I wouldn’t care less about Intersex awareness day because the Intersex community never cared about the intersex people or people like me. Instead were told to hide and disappear and not talk about it unless your willing to play with the LGBT politics. So it’s why I could care less about the upcoming Intersex Awareness day because it doesn’t focus on REAL, actual diagnosed Intersex people like myself and every other intersex/DSD person.