Obama plans to visit Laos, a first for a US president

In this file photo, US President Barack Obama alights from Air Force One as he arrives in Naypyidaw International Airport in Myanmar on November 12, 2014. Ye Aung Thu/AFP

When I heard about this on the News Last night, I was really excited and Happy that Laos is finally getting recognized in the United States. Even for that matter, the Lao people like myself who live in the United States are finally going to be heard and recognized. What’s happening is that in 2016, President Obama will make history by being the first US president to visit Laos. It will be the first time that the US will restore normal relations with Laos.

As a Laotian American in Connecticut, this is very exciting news for the Lao community because in the United States, the Laotian community has largely been hidden and in the shadows of other Asian ethnic groups like the Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese. Having President Obama Visit Laos, will not only help normalize relations with Laos, but also bring the Laotian American community out from the shadows. Which is why when you tell people your from Laos, people have a hard time understand what Laos is and where Laos is. That’s why with this planned visit to Laos, Obama is bringing the Laotian American community out of the shadows and into the limelight.

I’m glad that this planned visit is going to happen because it’s going to help the American public see the issues with what’s going on in Laos and let them see what Laotians are like and what the Lao Americans are like. So I am glad this is happening I hope they show him what Laos is all about and what kind of people the Lao people are. I hope Laos gives President Obama the Lao treatment.

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