Obama’s miserable speech

If ya saw tonight’s Obama’s speech. It was nothing more than a POS. His speech tonight is nothing more than appeasing to the Muslims and scapegoating guns and gun owners. I was pissed when President Obama had the gals to say that if someone is on the NO fly list, they should be banned from owning a gun. Remind me again how successful the No fly list, when only 40% false positives and once your on the list, there is NO way of any recourse or getting off the list. On top of that the criteria get’s looser and looser by the day.

Basically Obama is making a grab for gun owners and guns. Him and his whole Obama administration gang and liberals hate guns, gun owners and the 2nd amendment so much that they want to wipe it off the US Constitution.  He’s scapegoating them because it’s so convenient for Liberals, Democrats and progressives. Once they disarm them, it’s easy  to wipe them out.

That’s why Obama’s speech tonight pissed the hell out of me. He pissed me off because he doesn’t have an ISIS policy. Obama is appeasing to the Muslims and he’s also against guns and gun owners. I can’t wait until 2017 comes and we get a new president and I hope it ain’t Hillary, Sanders or Carson. Obama basically pissed off every gun owner in this country and his blatant disregard for the US constitution and the 2nd amendment rights. No wonder why President Obama is the Laughing stock of the world. He’s making America look like a fool.

I don’t know about you, Obama pisses me off and the son of a bitch has the nerve to call for more gun control when we need more Border and immigration control.