Governor Malloy once again acting like Obama

Once again, my state of Connecticut is acting like a dictator and banning those on the US No Fly List from owning a Gun. The US No fly list is so flawed that it only it’s one miserable failure. The No Fly list is so flawed and that it has more than 40% false positive. Even Sen Ted Kennedy was accidentally put on the list. There is No recourse to get you name off the list once your on it and the criteria get’s looser by the day.

Malloy is simply pandering to his Democrat base and acting more like a Mini Obama. He’s basically destroying Connecticut from the Inside and trying to turn Connecticut into the next Detroit. That’s why with the cost of living in the state is SO sky HIGH and the lack of JOBS in the state. That everyone with a brain, wants to leave Connecticut as soon as they can. Malloy is simply turning Connecticut into Detroit by the time he get’s thrown out of Office.