Intersex pressure to Transition

This tweet got me thinking this morning from Alice Dreger;

That their are many Intersex people who are or have been pressured by society, Media,  the medical community, the porny trans community and even the LGBT to transition. I think the pressure mainly comes from the trans community who have infiltrated the ranks of the Intersex community and have pressured many Intersex people to transition. It’s why you see very far and few Intersex people who stay intersex. Many that do, often have to endure mounting pressure to transition and conform to sex roles and sex stereotypes.

It’s why as an Intersex/DSD activist, I have argued to keep transgender people away from intersex people and have fought long and hard to keep intersex people from the crap that the transgender people and transgender community likes to dump on the Intersex community. This is one of those that I have fought long an hard against. Which is being pressured by the Trans community to transition. Which is something I am dead set against for Intersex/DSD people.

It’s bad enough that Intersex/DSD people have to deal with affects of their Intersex/DSD Medical condition. Then you get porny transgender people who pressure intersex/DSD people to transition to conform to their porny view of sex, and gender. Which is very disastrous and so harmful to Intersex/DSD people.

In which Alice Dreger is right that many of the LGB and Intersex people  that are pressured by the media, society,  the medical community and the porny trans community to transition. It’s wrong and it’s something I am wholly against. It’s why I am dead set against the transgender community because of the fact they pressure people to transition and pressure intersex people to transition.  To me, that is a form of erasure and eradication that the transgender community is trying to pull on Intersex/DSD people.

Simply put the reason why the media, society,  the medical community and the porny trans community try to pressure Intersex/DSD people to transition. It is because they want to erase the existence of Intersex people and they want to eradicate intersex as a biological sex and a biological medical condition. On top of that, transgender people want to pressure intersex people into transition is because in their warped mind, they think that intersex people threaten the transgender mantra and ideology. It’s why intersex people face pressure to transition and it’s something I fight hard against.