Nudist Goals for 2016

One of my goals for 2016 is to be nude as often as I can and be clothes free as long as I can. Which means being Nude when I can and being clothed when I have to. For 2016 I have a goal of being nude and clothes free. Which is why I am working on being nude and clothes free when I can and when I have my place, be nude and clothes free. Which is why since I am graduating from college this year, one of my goals it to spend as much time being nude before I am thrown into graduate school.

Therefore, here is my nudist resolution for 2016

  1. Spend one to two weeks clothes free.

That depends on which Nudist Resort I can get to and how much I can afford to spend at the Nudist Resort.

  1. Attend one Nudist event or Nudist convention. Such as 4th of July Nudist party
  2. Participate in one Nude 5k or Nude Volleyball game.

That will all depend on my schedule and what time I have.

  1. Make and develop a “Clothes optional” Sign for my place
  2. Visit one New Nudist resort.

It get’s me a chance to expand my mind and meet new people. At the same time, it get’s me time to travel by myself before I go Graduate school.

As your can see, all these goals and reachable in 2016 and I hope to reach them by the end of 2016 and be able to say that I have done things Nude for the entire year. So let’s check back in June 2016 and again in December 201 to see where I am at with my Nude goals for 2016.