What 2016 will be like

Yes, it’s 2016 and yes this is the year of many things. Last year was amazing and to top off what 2015 was like. In 2015 I made a visit to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland to take part in a research study involving Kallmann’s syndrome. The other part that was amazing was that I had an article done about me called Intersex Nudist in the New York Magazine. Which actually helped not only me but also the Intersex community as well. So overall, 2015 was a great year for me.

Now, 2016 is here and I am expecting many great things to happen. The top if it all is yes, I am finally graduating from college this year and getting my Bachelors Degree in History and Social Science with a double minor in Asian Studies and Public Health. The second is that I have a Public Health Internship this year and my hope is that this Internship will help me land a job or land into Graduate school. The other is that I am starting to look towards Graduate school and ultimately in to the work force.

As far as Graduate school is concern, I am exploring many options including taking a year off to complete my science prerequisite or look into a post bachelors premed/prehealth program to boost my chances to get into Physician Assistant school or Nursing school.  On top of that I have to figure out whether I want to spend money to pay for GRE or TEAS exam. Which is something I have to look at and see what will get me into either school.

Though overall, I did very well in the fall semester and I hope by the end of the spring semester that I can push my GPA between 2.50 and 2.90 range. Which I am hoping it can make me look decent for Nursing school or post bachelors premed/prehealth program. Which is why in the Spring semester, which is my Final year. I have to work my ass off to get to 2.90.

One thing I hope to do this summer, is spend more time Nude and vacation to many Nudist resorts over the summer. I have several Nudist resorts I have in mind that I want to spend summer vacations at and those are in the works for the Summer of 2016. The other I have in mind is that I want to have time for myself before I get tossed into Nursing school or post bac Pre health school.

As far as my personal life, I just hope that I get to move forward with my life and get to live the Life I always wanted and be independent as much as possible. Which I am hoping that Graduate school can do for me and I hope that by getting my Bachelors degree, I can get the hell out of Connecticut cause the way I see it, their is no hope or future in Connecticut for me after college and If I want a career or to live comfortably, I have to get out of Connecticut. That’s cause it cost way too much to live Connecticut and the opportunities are getting harder and harder to find in Connecticut.

It’s why 2016, I hope to make a change for the better and get on track with my life. Which is why 2015 was fun and now let’s make 2016 even more fun and interesting. So welcome 2016 and let’s have fun this year.