Graduate school options

Now that I am graduating this, year with a Bachelors of Arts in History and Social Science with a Double Minor in Asian Studies and Public Health. I have a lot of options for Graduate school and post bachelors. My first choice is going into Nursing school and the 2nd option is post bachelors pre health program and my third is Paramedic school.

I know I want to go into my first choice for Nursing school but as I am reading what is required and the fact that I completed all my non science classes such as General Psychology, General sociology, Lifespan development, Nutrition, Nutrition for public Health, Epidemiology for liberal arts, Intro to Public Health and Human Biology. Now they want to see the science portion such as Anatomy & Physiology 1 &2 and Chem 1&2 and Microbiology. It may seem like I may have to put my first choice Nursing school aside and look more towards post bac Pre health programs.

The one thing I have looked at is going into a post bachelors pre health and post bachelors premed programs. Over the winter break, I have looked into post bachelors pre health and post bachelors premed programs. Those programs such as Upenn‘s Pre health Program and Drexel’s Interdisciplinary medical science program are what I am looking at for applying to post bachelors program to boost my academic record to apply to Nursing school and Physician Assistant school. Which is why post bachelor’s pre health and post bachelor’s programs are going to be my back up since Nursing programs have become brutal, cutthroat and as bad and as hard to get into as Medical school.

The one thing I also have to plan for in the spring is studying for the GRE exam. I know I am not fond of taking the GRE or even the MCAT’s but If I want to go to Direct entry Nurse Practitioner school or Physician Assistant school. I may not have any choice and will be forced to take the GRE or MCAT exam. The one thing that bothers me in taking those exams, is the cost of taking them, which run from $100 dollars and up and I have to find the time in between my spring semester to take them. Though I will have to fit them in the spring semester schedule and may have to take them during spring break.

My third option is looking into going into Public Health school and being that I am a Public health Minor. I do have the option of going for my Masters in Public Health and specialize in Epidemiology and Community Health. It’s another option that I have on the table and something I am looking to explore over the Spring semester and I am going to be looking at Masters in Public Health schools as well. It’s another option I have on the books.

My 4th option and last resort is going to Paramedic school and that is being an EMT, I have the required license and training to enter Paramedic school and getting a Paramedic degree will be my last resort option and that will only happen when I can’t find a post bachelors pre health and post bachelors premed programs to get into or that Nursing schools have gotten to difficult to get into.

One thing I am fortunate is that I have options for post bachelors and graduate school and as long as I keep my options open. I have prospects for a career in any of the options I have. Though the post bachelors pre health and post bachelors premed programs will be to boost my academic record for Nursing and Physician Assistant school. Although, Public Health and Paramedic school will be my back up options.