The U.S. Is on the Verge of a Major Nursing Shortage – The Atlantic

The country has experienced nursing shortages for decades, but an aging population means the problem is about to get much worse.

Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because Nursing school is making it so hard to get into and that in turn is making it hard to replace the nurses who want to retire. Maybe if Nursing schools reevaluate their requirements for Nursing school and maybe change them to meet the market demand. Instead we have Nursing schools who are making it hard to get into and as hard as Medical school to get into. The requirements today to get into Nursing school is almost as hard and on par as with medical school. That’s why we have good students who would make great Nurses turned away because the requirements for Nursing school are so hard that they are on med school level. That people are turning to other professions such as Physician Assistant or even other professions.

Source: The U.S. Is on the Verge of a Major Nursing Shortage – The Atlantic