Facebook hates Freedom of speech

It seems like Facebook aka Fascistbook hates Freedom of speech so much that they will silence and punish anyone that doesn’t play along with their PC crap. Just today, Facebook has once again put me in their so=called Jail again and this is becoming a pain and the ass because Facebook simply hates Freedom of speech and speaking the truth. What I am glad what I do have as a back up is Google plus because my Google plus page is my Facebook backup in case stuff like this happens. One thing I have always told people that Google plus is the Facebook alternative and my Facebook backup when Facebook acts PC and tries to silence dissent.

It’s why I have always said, Google plus is the place where you can post stuff that Facebook would never allow and would most likely get you banned or suspended. On top of that you can say stuff that would never get you censored and you can freely say stuff that no one will ever say it’s wrong or bad. So here’s a list of why Google plus is far better than Facebook.

  1. Customization

In Facebook, you don’t have the level of control in customizing your profile and site that Google plus has. On Facebook, you can’t customize your news feed that Google plus allows and even allows you to tailor your news feeds.

  1. Privacy

Facebook has a horrible privacy practices and their privacy settings often border on Identity theft. Their practices are so questionable that people are scared to post their personal info. On the other hand, Google plus have privacy settings that rival Facebook and let’s you customize your privacy settings to your liking. On top of that Google plus respects the privacy of it’s users.

  1. Real Name policy.

One thing that pissed me off with Facebook is the fact that they forced people to use their Real Names. That’s a security issue that for some people could put them in danger and something Facebook doesn’t care. Where as Google plus, you can use whatever name you like and you can use your real name.

  1. Freedom of speech.

This is one area, where I know that Google plus and all the social media places like Tumblr beat Facebook. For example on Facebook, you can’t post stuff that would get you suspended or banned. Whereas in Google plus and all the others like Tumblr. You can post stuff more freely to a curtain extent. I have notice on Facebook, that they are silencing Freedom of speech and silencing your opinion that is against any other race, sex, gender or gender ID group. They basically are a fascist group who are silencing anyone that has opinions that are contradictory to Facebooks, pro pc, Liberal and progressive mindset. It’s why this is where Google Plus and Tumblr beat Facebook because you can speak your mind and say things that would get you banned on Facebook.

It’s why Google plus is what Facebook isn’t and it’s why I am starting to get sick and tired of Facebook being anti common sense and being pro political correctness. Facebook’s political correctness is why they are killing conversations and it’s getting in the way with the heart of any issue. Facebook being so PC that it’s driving out people who have conservative, common sense thinking and values that the only people left on Facebook are the fascist progressives, liberals, LGBT and SJWs.

Many of the Conservatives and common sense thinkers are dumping Facebook because they silence their speech, opinions and views.  On Facebook, conservatives and common sense thinkers are shut out, silenced and run out all because what they post and what they view. Like for example, you say stuff that is anti LGBT or anti religion, they will shut you down and run you out. It’s why many people who have conservative thinking and common sense thinking are leaving Facebook because Facebook hates conservatives and common sense.

It’s why I am noticing that Google Plus is becoming a place where conservative thinking and common sense thinking is expressed and people are discussing it. I have seen post on Google plus that would never make it on Facebook. Even if you post simple nudism or post about female breast on Facebook, that get’s you banned but on Google plus, that is ok and I have seen post like that on Google plus.

That’s why I am really pissed off at Facebook for silencing freedom of speech and being fascist. They hate freedom of speech and I am glad that my Google plus is my backup for when Facebook acts like this. That’s why I am glad that Google plus is their and Google plus is the Anti Facebook.


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