Facebook hates Conservatives

One thing I am noticing on Facebook is how so many progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s are attacking people for speaking their mind and claiming what people say is hate speech. I am seeing how so many conservatives are attacked on Facebook for being conservative and speaking conservative views. What’s shocking is how these progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s are lashing out and making these fake claims of hate speech, just to shut them down. It seems to me that Facebook is enabling these progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s to bully people when in reality it’s these so-called progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s that are doing the bullying against conservatives and against anyone who has opinions not inline with their delusions.

That’s why I am seeing these progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s attacking anyone who has conservative speech, thought and mind that is not in line with this generation. It seems like just yesterday, these progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s went after me for my conservative views and got Facebook to block and ban me for 7 days because of my Conservative views, opinions and speech. Which i am noticing how Facebook has become so fascist that they will silence anyone’s free speech rights. On top of that, they are silencing anyone who doesn’t fall inline with Facebook’s PC Liberal and socialist progressive ideology. It’s like on Facebook, you can’t show female nonsexual nudity or even have an opposing opinion on LGBT or any other issue. I even have seen Facebook delete post that are pro 2nd amendment and pro gun rights. Even block people who sell guns online of gun stores who had a Facebook presence. Then on other social media sites like Google plus, they don’t have these problems. It seems like Facebook is becoming Fascistbook and pro progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s. It seems like Facebook hate’s freedom of speech. Since Facebook hates Freedom of speech, they should leave America because they are showing how much they don’t abide by the US constitution and the Free Speech rights.

It’s why I am realizing that if you have conservative views, opinions and thoughts, Facebook aka Fascistbook is not the place for you. It seems like conservatives now are migrating away from Facebook and going to sites like Google Plus, tumblr and twitter because those sites don’t silence conservative speech and openly allow it. I have seen people bail on Facebook because it’s becoming too progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s. It’s not allowing conservatives a place to speak their mind and express their opinions. I’m on Google plus because some things I can never post on Facebook, I can easily post on Google Plus, Twitter and Tumblr. Facebook would never allow me to post stuff such as nonsexual nudity or even speak my mind against the trans and the progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s. That’s why I am noticing how Facebook has become so fascist and Dictator like. It’s why for a company that headquarters here in the United states, they surely don’t respect free speech rights in America.

That’s why, if you have any conservative thought, opinion and views. Facebook aka Fascistbook is not the place for you to post your opinions and views. I would look to places like Google Plus, Twitter and Tumblr to post your conservative leanings and conservative views. Those places are well tolerant of conservative speech, views and opinions and I have seen post that are pro 2nd amendment and pro conservative. Even some that are nonsexual nudity that would never make it on Fascistbook. Which is why, I am relegating Facebook to my dead last social media site and my primary social media is Google plus, Tumblr and Twitter. Facebook has left me and conservatives with a horrible taste in my mouth and I would NEVER recommend Facebook to conservatives. My recommendation is Google Plus, Twitter and Tumblr. I would avoid Facebook because it has become a haven for Socialist progressives, PC liberals and SJW’s. Facebook has become intolerant and hateful towards conservatives.