North Carolina, Bathrooms and the Gay Versus Trans Problem

This is why I am all for what North Carolina is doing and it’s common sense thing to do


Last week North Carolina passed a law that preempted a local Charlotte law and preserved many of the good features of that law. The nondiscrimination provisions that covered gays and lesbians however had the door slammed in their face. I can only assume that was intentional and based on prejudice. As the corporate boycotts of North Carolina I believe are claiming. If so it is disgusting.

However there’s been another claim, that there is a “moral panic” about transwomen committing sex crimes in public bathrooms. The Charlotte law was one of many ‘gender identity’ laws that allow anyone access to the women’s bathroom on the basis of a self identification as transgender. What does that mean? It means they don’t have to look like a woman, they don’t have to have had a sex change operation. It means convicted sex offender’s including ones who have committed assault in bathrooms are…

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