Awards are meaningless

Yes, today my History dept at Eastern had a senior reception and they award people with many things. Yet sadly I was not one of them and I reach an age where I don’t care anymore if I get awarded anything. I simply learn in life that I can achieve this and that and I don’t care if people acknowledge it. I simply just work behind the scene’s and in the shadows. Awards in my opinion are meaningless because it only highlights those who are privileged and not those who bent over backwards and worked their ass off. It’s why I am not a HUGE fan of awards because it never acknowledge the many people who never get an award but work their ass off to get where they want to be.

It’s why for me, I don’t care if people acknowledge any of my hard work because I am use to going unnoticed. I don’t care if people know what it took for me to get their because I would simply keep on working and keep on doing what I am doing. That’s why I don’t care about being awarded or acknowledged for anything. Awards in my view are those for the privileged few and the elites not those who work their ass off and who work in the shadows and behind the scenes.  That’s why I don’t care if I ever get awarded for anything and the only time people can award me anything is after I am long gone, but until then I will keep working my butt off to where I want to be.