Graduate school plan

Now that I am a college graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, I have plans and goals I am working on. This summer I am gona study the GRE’s and attempt to take the GRE’s in August for curtain graduate school. I am going to take the GRE twice before I enter Graduate school in summer or Fall of 2017. On top of studying for the GRE’s I am gona try to see if I can take some science classes at a local community college. That way I can still keep my brain active and on a learning mindset. At the same time, I will make some time to go Nude camping over the 4th of July Weekend and even try to find some time for fishing as well.

As far as Graduate school for 2017, I have several graduate schools I have in mind. My ultimate goal is to have a Master’s Degree no later than 2019 and be working no later than 2019 in my chosen profession. With that in mind, the first task is to get my post bachelors out of the way and build up my science classes before I apply to any of the Graduate programs in 2017. I simply have to work on building all the science classes before I attempt to apply to Graduate school.

As far as Graduate school is concern, these are the professions I am looking to apply for:

  1. Nurse Practitioner.

Nurse Practitioner school is the top of my list for a very good reason is because of the fact that it’s not as competitive as Physician Assistant school or medical school. Looking at all the application deadlines for Nurse Practitioner school is that some have deadlines from November to March. On top of that Nurse Practitioner school have standard requirements that are common to all Nursing schools such as Anatomy and physiology and Chemistry. What makes it logical is the fact that I know a Nurse Practitioner who takes care of me for my Intersex condition and I have a solid foundation on what it means to be a Nurse Practitioner.

  1. Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant school is my second choice but it is cut throat competitive as medical school. It has the same requirements for anyone who wants to enter medical school. The downside to that is I would not be able to start Physician Assistant school until 2017 because all their application cycles start in the fall and I would most likely miss the deadlines and not have the classes in time. So that would be my number 2 option.

  1. Public Health school

Another graduate school option I am looking at is going for my Masters in Public Health. I minored in Public health at Eastern, I stand a good chance of going to Public health school. Though what I would need to do is work on building my GPA and make myself very competitive for those school. Which is why Public Health school is my 3rd choice for Graduate school in 2017 and being a public health minor, I have good standing to get in but I need to boost my GPA to make myself Competitive.

  1. Social Work school

My 4th option is Social Work school. That was thrust upon me when I interned at a Homeless shelter for my Public health internship and as a result that is something I am looking as a viable option for Graduate school. It is a school choice that I am looking and something that got added to the list.

  1. Paramedic

My last choice and my fallback is Paramedic school and being that I am an active EMT, I have good standing for Paramedic school. Paramedic school would be my last resort choice if I didn’t get into any of the top 4 schools.

It’s why for my Post bach year, I have plenty of options as to where I want to go for Graduate school and I have a plan and a mission to get to where I want to be in 2019. I basically want to finish college completely by 2019 and have my Master’s Degree by 2019. It’s a goal that I have set since being at Eastern and working on achieving them.