What Eastern Connecticut State University OAS has done for me

2016-05-14 18.58.18-1My Name is Nicky K.D Chaleunphone, I’m a college graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University. I am a class of 2016 grad and an OAS student at Eastern Connecticut State University. My Major is Bachelor of Arts in History and social science with a double minor in Asian studies and public health. I came to Eastern in the fall of 2012 and came to OAS because of my deaf and hard of hearing disability. OAS has taken care of me from the time I started OAS until my undergraduate graduation. What OAS has done for me was nothing short of a miracle and has gotten me to graduation stress free. What they have done for me when I was in college, was give me the independence to be myself and let me be and who I am. They allowed me the independence to be myself and taught me to adapt and overcome my disability. They nurtured me throughout my undergraduate education and even helped me when times were rough in college. Through it all, OAS has supported me throughout my undergraduate college career and has made going to college a whole lot easier and less stressful. What made OAS very great, was the fact that they worked well with counseling, Health services and Academic support services as a team to make sure I graduate on time and graduate without stressing out.

It’s why OAS has done so much for me, from getting me my own dorm room, helping me with the stress of college and even helping me with all my accommodations. They even worked with my professors on my disability and helped them figure out ways to help me learn and accommodate my deaf disability and my learning disability. OAS even helped me learn to be independent and be myself and has allowed me to have the independence that I needed. It’s why OAS has helped me get to where I am in college and get me on a path where I want to be.

It’s why OAS is a great group on campus at Eastern Connecticut State University who is willing to go above and beyond to make sure a disabled student is able to see college graduation and commencement. They made sure that I was never stressed out in college and that my disability would never be a barrier to a college degree. Without them, I would not make it pass junior year or see college graduation. They made sure that people like me get to college graduation and see us get to where we want to be such as grad school or even work. They are the best kept secret on campus.

It’s why as a Eastern Connecticut State University OAS graduate, I want to say that OAS has done a lot for me and if you ever needed something on campus. OAS was always willing to go to Bat for you and to make sure you get what you needed. Whether it’s having you own dorm room on campus or having a service animal on campus to making sure that your disability needs are being accommodated on campus. OAS simply makes sure that your disability is not a barrier and always made sure that you have the independence to be yourself. It’s why if you have a disability or a special ed high school graduate, you really need to get a hold of OAS because they can help make your experience at Eastern Connecticut State University a lot easier to deal with and they can help make sure you get to college graduation and commencement. It’s why as an OAS graduate, I’ll never forget the place I call home on campus and OAS has done a lot to make sure I saw college graduation