Why I am voting for Donald Trump

Why I am voting for Trump as an Independent: I am not expecting perfection from any President. They are, after all, only human like us. I do, however, expect the next President to put America First and put America back on the right track.

Trump checks the boxes for the few items I see as Must Haves in a President. #1 – I want a restoration of and respectful treatment of the current US forces as well as the veterans. Without the US military no other issue matters, besides how fast you can learn to speak Chinese. Trump respects our military and has committed to restore military spending and reform the VA. #2 – I do not want Hillary Clinton to have the ability to appoint Supreme Court Justices. The next President will get at least 3 appointments to the SCOTUS. I am convinced that the 2nd Amendment will be in jeopardy if Clinton is able to appoint Justices. #3 – I am sick and tired of career politicians and academicians running an economy they have never fully participated in. It’s time for someone with real world business experience to have a crack at it. As a businessman Trump recognizes the relationship between growth and opportunity. He knows that the way forward is to grow the economy so that more people can have more opportunity. Creating an environment where poor people can become middle class and wealthy is the answer. Meanwhile the Democrats tout $15/hour as a panacea when in fact it is an ode to mediocrity and subsistence. #4 – I want the Republican establishment to realize that their cabal is subordinate to We The People. This is all I want. I can take care of the rest myself. To those who claim Trump is racist I base my disagreement on the actions he took toward integration in Palm Beach, FL. Research it thoroughly.

Some also charge that Trump is racist for his stance on illegal immigration. Well if wanting your country’s sovereign borders to be recognized and respected is racist then I guess that makes me racist also. It also makes the country of Mexico racist since their immigration policy is one of the strictest in the world. Jump their border at your peril. As far as his bombast, so what. I want a President, not a drinking buddy.