Is the American dream dead?

If America is truly the land of free and the land of Opportunity. Why is it that I’m not living the American Dream. Why is it that I am not given the same opportunities as everyone else in this country?  People say that America is the land of opportunity and a place where if you have a dream, you can work hard at it and succeed in it. The reality is, that the idea of the American dream, seems dead to me because of the fact that I never had opportunities that was offered to me. No one in America has ever offered me a chance or a shot to live the American dream. Which is why I often wonder is the idea of the American dream and the idea of the land of opportunity is long dead in this country.

For me I think the idea of the American dream died along time ago because of the fact that opportunities are getting harder and harder to come by. People are not giving me a chance to show what I can do or try out any profession in this country. Every job in this country has either gone south or overseas, leaving many people like myself without work and languishing either in dead end jobs or hopelessness. Even in this election cycle, would be presidents and politicians peddle to people the idea of hope and change or make america great again. The reality here is that no matter what would be politician is peddling to me, is not going to change the fact that I’m not living the American dream. I’m not living the idea of being successful such as having a full time job. Having my own place. Being given every equal opportunity and a chance and even being able to live up to the American dream.

The idea of living the American dream is more like living in the American Nightmare because, the economy is in shambles in Connecticut. Lack of opportunities for me or even a chance to succeed. In fact, where I live in Connecticut, I don’t have many opportunities as an EMT to volunteer. I don’t have any opportunities to work or even apply to graduate school. The high cost of living in Connecticut makes the idea of living the American dream unaffordable. On top of that, the taxes in Connecticut make it hard to live the American Dream. It’s why I often think that the idea of living the American dream is dead because the economy killed any hope of living the American dream.

In my mind, their is no way I’ll ever live the American Dream because the fact that I never had any equal opportunity or chance to live out the American dream.  The American dream died for me because the fact that no one has ever given me a chance to do what I wanted to do in life. I also think the American dream died when the economy went south and I think that happened in 2008. My reality is that I’m not living up to the American dream because I’m mearly just trying to survive and simply live. I’m simply try trying to carve out my own niche and live with whatever I have or I can get in this economic time. Which is why I simply think the American dream is dead.