Why Successful people bother me

In society, a man is alway given a chance to try something or prove something. It just seems like everyone is offered a chance to do something and to try something in life. It just so happens, many people get 1st or 2nd chances to try and prove something. Sadly, that’s not the case for most people because most people never get the chance or opportunity. Instead were left to languish while other people get to do things that only people can dream of.

For me, I am one of those people who never got an chance in life to try something or prove something. Every opportunity out their was either squandered or never offered to me. No one ever gave me a shot to try something or even do something. It’s why I often times get left behind and get shut out of everything. It goes all the way back to High school when I was shut out of every opportunity or a chance to try or be part of something. Even to this day, after my undergraduate college, I have had opportunities and no one offered me a chance to do anything.

It’s why now at my age, I’ve become very bitter at successful people and people doing things that I could, would and should have done along time ago. I look at them with deep disdain because no one has ever offered me a chance or opportunity to do anything. I look down at successful people because no one in my entire life has ever given me a chance or a shot. Everything I ever wanted to do or try out for, no one has ever given me a chance. It’s why for me I have always looked at successful people with a huge disdain because it reminds me and triggers me that I never had the chances that everyone else had.

That’s why I never liked successful people because I’m not successful and people never gave me a chance or opportunity. In my view, I don’t give people chances simply because people and society never gave me a chance. I look at people with a deep distrust simply because of the fact that No one has ever let me try something or offered me a chance to do anything. Every opportunity that is out their, No one has ever offered me a chance. That’s why, I don’t get to do things in life that people get to do and no one on this planet has ever offered me anything.

It’s why as a result, I work alone. I work solo because I don’t trust successful people and I don’t like successful people who got to do things that I could, would and should had done a long time ago. Instead I do things for myself and only for myself and don’t rely on others. This is all the result of the fact that I have a huge distrust and dislike for successful people because it reminds me of the fact that I’m not at the level where I want to be and don’t like the fact that people are doing things that I should, would and could have done.