The recent rash of police shootings in the news

With the recent rash of police shootings in the news in Louisiana and Minnesota. I am now calling for a massive law enforcement overhaul and MASSIVE Law Enforcement REFORMS in this country. We have way too many warrior cops in this country who are way too trigger happy and all to willing to shoot first and then ask questions later. We also have way too many cops who pretend to be special forces. On top of that we have way too many corrupt cops that are being protected by their powerful police dept unions.

It’s why I am all for HUGE reforms in the American Law enforcement system. It means prosecuting cops who break the law and violate their position. That means if a cop is corrupt or commits a crime. They should be prosecuted at the federal government level and if convicted be thrown in a federal prison. I’m also for putting a law on the books where if you’re a cop and your convicted of a crime. You’re banned from work in any law enforcement position for LIFE.

I’ll say this, if this keeps up in this country. With so many police shootings and corrupt cops getting away with Murder. American society will reach a boiling point where enough is enough and society will rise up. I fear we are headed for another Civil war in this country, if we keep seeing stories like this on the news. If we keep hearing more police shootings and cops killing unarmed citizens, it’s going to get to the point where society is going to get fed up with way things are going and will rise up against the corruption that is happening in this country. I would not be surprised or shock if people rise up against the police depts in this country and arm themselves.

What were seeing here in this country is that this country has two types of governments and laws. One for the elites and one for the common folks. It seems like in this country, if your in the elite class, you get away with practically anything. As oppose to common folks, you get treated like crap and get tossed into prison. It just goes to show how much class divide and class warfare this country is in. The only way it’s going to end is if their is huge reforms in this country.

I’m also for every citizen to have the right to self defense including defending themselves against corrupt law enforcement. Every citizen should have the legal right to defend themselves against anyone regardless of who they are. Their should be laws on the books where every citizen should have the right to self defense, even if it means defending your self against a corrupt cop who tries to harm you. That means citizens should have the right to shoot back if they feel their life is in danger. It’s why I am all for putting laws on the books that strengthen or allows for self defense against anyone who feels threatened including corrupt cops.

It’s why what we need in this country is MASSIVE law Enforcement reform in light of the recent police shootings in this country. That means weeding out every corrupt cop and every corrupt police union that is protecting these corrupt cops. It means every police shooting should automatically trigger a federal investigation by the FEDS and if they are convicted, they should do time in a federal prison. I am all for the US Marshals overseeing police depts that they deem to be corrupt and abusive to citizens.