America’s Race problem

With all the news that’s going on in America such as Cops shooting at unarmed citizens for no reasons whatsoever. Blacks retaliating against the police in this country. On top of that, race relations in America at the lowest of the low in this country. One has to wonder in this country, have we gone so far down the rabbit hole that we will never see the light again. I have to wonder, how bad has race relations is in this country that we are one step closer to an all out civil war in this country.

It seems to me that police relations and race relations are at an all time low, that dose not shocked me that American society is pissed off and fed up with how things are run in this country. You have cops in this country who are mentally unhinged and often times too trigger happy. In this country, you have cops who are so corrupt in this country, that it makes you wonder if these corrupt cops are as bad as them criminals themselves. Then you have race relations in this country that is at an all time low in this country. So many races are at odds with each other and the government that it has gotten so bad in this country that every race despises the police and the government. Virtually every race in this country has a deep distrust of the current government and current law enforcement in this country. It ain’t gona change anytime soon unless we have a MASSIVE REBOOT in this country.

The way I see it, it’s a powder keg waiting to go off and we’re one step closer to that powder keg going off in this country. The fact that you have corrupt cops in this country. You have trigger happy cops who are to quick to pull the trigger and instead don’t use their brains. On top of that, the worst race relations that this country has ever seen. In my opinion, it’s a recipe for a massive disaster for this country, waiting to happen. If the way things are going on right now in this country and what’s happening on the news. I would not be shocked or surprised that race riots break out or you have blacks in this country retaliating against law enforcement. It’s a recipe for a disaster in this country and right now, were in the middle of summer.

Also, they way I see it in this country being so divided politically and socially. It’s a recipe for disaster in this country and I fear the ghost of the 50’s and 60’s making a come back in this country. It’s why now is the time to prep if things get out of hand in this country because race relations and police relations are getting so bad in this country. Who knows what might set off the next race war in this country.

Though in the mean time, our leaders in this country are sleeping on guard duty. We need leaders who will openly and blatantly come out against what’s going on this country. We need leaders who will risk their necks and condemn police depts and corrupt police officers who step out of line. What we need in this country is a Government who will crack down on corrupt police officers and police officers who violate their position. We need a Government who will get tough on police officers and weed out the mentally unstable and those who are not fit to work in that position. We need a Government who is willing to send a corrupt cop or a cop convicted of a crime to Federal prison.

Which is why I am all for the Federal Government in this country, stepping in and imposing the strictest standards for anyone working in law enforcement in this country. The FEDS did it to CDL truck Drivers and they should do it Law Enforcement as well. I am also for laws on the books where if a cop is corrupt or shoots an unarmed person. Every police shooting should automatically trigger an FBI/US DOJ investigation. Every police shooting should be handled by the FEDS and taken away from the States. Like they do for plane crashes that are investigated and handled by the NTSB, not the states. I am also for laws that codify and strengthen a person’s right to self defense and open carry in this country. People have a right to self defense and to defend themselves in this country. They should have the right to shoot back, if they feel they are in danger. Including the right to defend themselves against corrupt law enforcement who abuses their powers.

It’s why what I am seeing on the media, it’s going to get far more uglier before it ever get’s better in this country and right now, it ain’t getting any better anytime soon in this country and I fear the worst is yet to come in this country. I’ll say this, I have no faith and trust in my Government in America when it comes to handling race issues and police relation issues in America.