Looks like the world is burning under Obama


Via Reuters 

Turkey’s military said on Friday it had seized power, but the prime minister said the attempted coup would be put down.

The world is burning under Obama’s watch. We have Isis running wild, BREXIT and now a Turkish military Coup. The world is seriously on Fire.

Even the Turkish Military Generals are held hostage

It seems like now the world is a complete mess and the world is seriously on fire here. We are totally screwed.

Looks like Erdogan is trying to save himself and seek asylum in Germany.


One thought on “Looks like the world is burning under Obama

  1. I guess I cannot personally blame Obama for the current state of the world. Quite frankly, the blame rests further back on Dubya Bush and his evil puppet master Dick Cheney for having started this trainwreck in the first place. The Bush Administration was warned *REPEATEDLY* about the powder keg they would set off if they were to start a second Iraq war and go for regime change. The US was completely complicit in creating the problem that was Saddam Hussein and when the Iraqi dictator decided he wasn’t going to be a pawn in US policy anymore, they sought to remove him. When he was going against Iran, he certainly was our buddy! My how things changed in a few short years!

    So what happened next?

    We started a war based on so-called bad intelligence – which was more likely a personal vendetta that Dubya had against Saddam after he attempted to go after Bush Sr. Now we have a Power Vacuum! Enter Daesh aka ISIL trying to fill up that void and now the attacks are affecting the rest of the world. So really, what is President Obama – or anyone else for that matter – to actually *do* after the entire mess was started? I’d love to hear answers on that one.

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