Winners never win

When it comes to sports, I am not a huge fan of sports or winners. That is because winners breeds entitlement and elitism.  Sports create a class and social divide against winners and losers. They don’t acknowledge people who try their very best or at the very least played. We don’t even acknowledge people who even participate in sports. That’s why I am not fond of competitive sports that breeds winners and creates arrogance and elitism in sports.

It’s why I don’t play in any sports because I don’t believe in winners and don’t believe in competitive sports. I don’t tolerate winners because of the fact that it doesn’t even acknowledge those who played the sport. Instead it creates a society of a class divide and dose not create equality in sports. Instead it creates a racial system of winners and losers and that is something I am dead set against.

Which is why I am not fond of competitive sports or winners. I simply hate winners because they are dividing and segregating people.Winners in my opinion are very arrogant elitists who think they’re better than the rest.  That’s why Winners create arrogance and elitism that pisses me off so much. Which I think is totally wrong in sports. We should never have competitive sports that divide people and everyone should equally win and equally be acknowledge for playing. It’s why I am not fond of competitive sports because it creates arrogance and elitism.