The DNC Wikileaks scandal

Now just before the Democrats or as i call them gullible Dummycrats are about to hold their National convention in Philadelphia this week. Wikileaks has exposed the DNC how corrupt they really are. They exposed how more corrupt the DNC is than Hillary clinton. It just shows the DNC wanted Hillary Clinton and they tried to sabotage the Bernie Sanders campaign. It was a shocker and an Eye opener at how corrupt and elitist the DNC is and how they called Hispanics “taco bowl engagement” and the LGBT people “No Homo”

Here’s the tweet that shocked everyone;

What’s clear from Wikileaks is that the DNC doesn’t like hispanic voters and the LGBT. What’s even more shocking is that Wikileaks exposed how they viewed black people and even Asian’s. It seems like the DNC is not the DNC of the past anymore. The DNC has effectively become the arm of the Clinton clan.

The biggest shocker out of all this, is that the DNC tried to discredit Bernie Sanders and his voters. They had moles from the Clinton camp inside Bernie Sanders campaign and even worse is that they paid people to protest and riot at Donald Trump’s Campaign stop. It just goes to show the Democrat National Committee is as corrupt as the Clinton’s.

I am not shocked that Wikileaks exposed this for the entire world to see. I ain’t even surprised that the Bernie Sanders camp were right all along that the DNC was rigged to side with Hillary clinton and they were never fair or impartial. It even showed how much they hate the LGBT and racial groups in this country.

IMO, this will bring down the Democrats, DNC and Hillary clinton and after the convention in Philadelphia, it will make it harder for the Democrats to claim legitimacy among the voters.

So here is the link to the DNC Wikileaks:

Here’s Gatewaypundit listing all the leaks;