The DNC & HRC is crashing & Burning

I’ll say this, it looks like the DNC & HRC is crashing and burning right before our very EYES. Even before the DNC is done this week in Philadelphia, the damage being done by the Democrats and being exposed by Wikileaks. The Democrats are finished and they have screwed themselves to the point where they will never recover and have literally screwed themselves for decades to come. What were watching here folks is the DNC & HRC crashing and burning to the ground. They are literally imploding and going down in flames right in front of our very eyes.

You can even hear the recordings from what ABC news is reporting;

Here’s the Wikileaks DNC Voicemail

All I have to say folks, the DNC and HRC is crashing and Burning before our very eyes and this picture sums up on what the world is going though right now.


Source: WikiLeaks releases hacked DNC voicemails – Washington Times