Post College life

One thing I miss the most about my time at Eastern Connecticut State University is the fact that being on Campus was so much FUN. Their was so many places to go and people to see. I liked the towns around Willimantic, CT such as Columbia, Windham, Mansfield and Storrs area. I like the fact that the Willimantic, Storrs, Mansfield area was expanding to be a true College down and I like the area because I could be myself and dress comfortably.

The things I missed the most about Eastern Connecticut State University is the structure I had on campus. I missed the fact that I had plenty of things I can do and that I had plenty of people I can meet and hang out with. I also missed my dorm on campus because my dorm resembled independence and being myself. the dorm I lived in, Low Rise 123 was the dorm that made me who I am and gave me the independence to be myself. One thing I missed the most is the fact that the Campus and town let’s me be me and I never had to worry about anything.

It’s why the transition from the undergrad college life at Eastern Connecticut State University to the adult real world was a shocker for me, on commencement day on May 17 2016. It was a shocker because the adult world was waiting for me at the door and I somehow felt that I was not emotionally prepared for the post undergrad college life. I sometimes think the college let me out too early and they should have kept me a bit longer. College should have a provision where if a student is not socially ready for the world, that colleges can keep them until they are proven to be ready.

Though in reality, I am adapting to the post undergraduate college life and looking to transition to Graduate school next year. Which means in the meantime, taking per diem work and taking prereqs at a nearby community college to prepare for Graduate Nursing school or Graduate Social work school.  I’m looking at several graduate Nursing schools and graduate social work schools as an option.