Medical check up for Kallmann’s Syndrome

Today being that I had to see my endocrinologist today. I got to learn many things about my Intersex condition called Kallmann’s syndrome. My Endocrinologist started to notice my breast were growing and that I have mild gynecomastia or breast growing. Which means I have breast growth that equates a young girl hitting puberty. Which means she is comfortable in letting me wear sports bras and or regular bras because I have breast that is growing. Which is kind of great because being Intersex/DSD and having Kallmann’s syndrome, she’s very supportive and very understanding.

On top of that my endocrinologist is comfortable in listing me as Intersex/DSD and not pressure me into the normal male and female crap. That is because pressuring me into the normal male and female crap would stress me out and would do a huge amount of damage to my health and well-being. That is why she won’t pressure me into the male or female sex or gender and instead leave me as an Intersex/DSD person. Which is great for me because no matter what Medical science does, I will never meet the society’s male or female standard. So instead, I am kept in the middle as an Intersex person to keep me stress free and away from the Male and female crap.

The other thing is, that I am not due for another bone density test until 2020. Which means by that time, I have to make another trip to NIH in Bethesda, MD to be tested, checked out and to make sure nothing changes. On top of that they want to document the changes as a result of having Kallmann’s syndrome and do a lifelong study to see what Kallmann’s syndrome dose to a person over the course of their Lifetime from birth to death. Which I am all fine for letting medical science study me because it helps them with medical research and my way of contributing to medical science and advance the medical knowledge of those who have Kallmann’s syndrome.