Facebook’s obsurd Nudity standards

2016-08-09 13.54.15-2

It seems like Facebook aka facistbook is getting more absurd by the day. A couple of days a go I posted a pic on Instagram that was shared on Facebook and for some reason today, they took it down because they though this picture contained Nudity. Really Facebook, you think this picture contains some kind of nudity. If Facebook thinks this contains some kind of Nude Image, than I wonder what is the Facebook standard for obscene these days? It just seems like Facebook can’t distinguish anything these days and that Facebook is getting more retarded by the day.

Being an Intersex/DSD person, I think Facebook unfairly targeted me because they thought I was female. It seems to me that Facebook can’t distinguish the difference between male, female and Intersex people. That’s why I think Facebook is full of shit because if they think this picture contains nudity. Then they are surly beyond retarded and have gone full blown stupid. It makes me wonder if women who wear something like this and either get a pass on Facebook or taken down.