Looking younger than your age ain’t easy

The one thing I don’t tell people is that having Kallmann’s syndrome, your never taken that seriously because I look way younger than my age. As a 40 yr old with Kallmann’s syndrome, I look way too young looking to be a 40 years old. In fact, I hardly can ever pass as a 40 year old and instead, I am often told I look like in my early 20’s than 40 years old. Even some cases, I am often told that I often look like a late teenager than an adult. It’s the unfortunate side effect of having Kallmann’s syndrome that people don’t hear or even talk about. Though it’s one of the many side effects of having Kallmann’s syndrome that I have to face and deal with for the rest of my life

When you look younger than your actual age, people don’t take you very seriously no matter how many titles, names, label’s or experiences you have. I could have all the names, titles, and labels in the world but, if you don’t look the age for the name,titles and labels. It would mean nothing to me no matter how old I am. It’s why in my case, regardless of how many names, titles, labels or experiences I have. I’m never taken very seriously because of how much young looking I really am. It’s a struggle for me because looking 10 or 15 years younger than your actual age. It’s hard for people to actually take you seriously and look at me as an important person. It’s why it’s a struggle with the fact that having Kallmann’s syndrome, I’m always going to look younger than my age and never be taken seriously, no matter how many names, titles, labels or experiences I have in life. people just won’t see me as a normal person, let alone a human being.

I see it all the time, no matter where I go in life. No one ever takes me very seriously despite the fact that I look 10 to 15 years younger than my age. Even as an EMT, I’m hardly ever taken very seriously because I look younger than my age and often times like a late teen to young adult age. Alot of people won’t take me very seriously because I don’t look the age for the job. It’s almost like me being a version of that 1980’s show called Doogie Howser, M.D. The only difference is that I have an Intersex medical condition makes me look way younger looking than my age. It’s why I, often times, think that because I have Kallmann’s syndrome, that I think I am reliving the Doogie Howser, M.D Tv show. With a twist that I look younger than my age. If you never heard of what Doogie Howser, M.D Tv show is, here’s a clip of the opening of the show

The sad reality is that, no matter how old I am. I’m always going to be looked at as being younger looking than my age and never taken seriously or very important. The fact that I have an Intersex condition called Kallmann’s syndrome, is why, despite being the legal age of 40 years old. I’m always going to have people who won’t take me seriously as a person. I will always have people who, despite all the names, labels, experiences and titles in front of my name. I will never be taken very seriously or be seen as an important person. It’s why when people think that looking younger than your ages is easy, cool and sexy. They should talk to me and I can really show them the reality of what it means to look younger than your age and what it does to a person like me. It’s the one thing that having an Intersex/DSD condition called Kallmann’s syndrome dose to an individual.