Post college life

Post college life is going okay. I’m slowly transitioning from the College life to the work life. Even though on the back of my mind, I still want to go to Graduate Nursing school or Graduate Social Work school. Though now I am just trying to see what my options are for post college life. Though Graduate school is on the back of my mind, I am seriously thinking of Graduate school because that’s where you make the real money and with a graduate degree, you go further in the job market with a Masters degree than a Bachelors degree. Though I am not looking at going to Graduate school until sometime in the Fall of 2017. I’m still on track to get my Masters Degree no later than 2020.

Other than that, I am looking at getting back in with the Fire company back home. Even though it would be for social reasons such as connecting back with the community and getting out to do more than just going to work. It’s going to be a slow process but eventually, I will be able to do things with the Fire company back home. It will most likely be in the spring time.

The other part is working on getting back with the US Coast Guard and on the Auxiliary side. I’m working on getting back in because it’s a way to help me get more involve and get out to do more. I like the work I did with the Auxiliary but that ended when administrative paperwork discharged me by accident. So now that I am free, I have more time to devote to the Auxiliary and I can do more with them. The other option I am considering is the Civil Air patrol as well and that’s only if I can’t get in with the Auxiliary.

Other than that Post college life is going okay. I miss the college life and the Dorm life. I do miss those College towns because they really bring excitement and fun in the community. I can do more in the college towns than I do in my hometown and that their are plenty of activities that I can do that I can never do in my hometown. It makes me want to move to the college towns because they have everything and bring more fun for people.