Colin kaepernick is unamerican

In my Opinion about Colin Kaepernick and any athlete that doesn’t stand for the National Anthem are a complete disgrace to this country and should be thrown out of the sport and this country. People like Colin Kaepernick are nothing but a POS and a disgrace to this country. They should have their citizenship revoked and deported for this country for being unamerican. What he is doing is showing how much he hates America and all it stands for. If this douche bag doesn’t like this country so much, he can gladly go to Europe, Canada or South Africa.

People like Colin kaepernick are pure POS because they trample on this country for giving them the right to live their lives. But they seem to forget that their are people in this country who have fought and died so that people like this POS can speak his mind. What Colin kaepernick seems to forget is that he’s living in a country that is free and that many people are willing to sacrifice their lives for him.

In reality, what Colin kaepernick is doing is throwing a temper tantrum like a whiney, bitchy 5 yr old. He needs to be thrown in the middle of Afghanistan to find out what it cost to have a free country. It’s guys like him are nothing but pure POS and unamerican. In my view people like Colin kaepernick are pure traitors to this country and they should be thrown out.