Why Dating sucks

Dating today simply sucks because of the fact that technology and this generation has simply killed the idea of dating and relationships. It’s why people like me, find dating to be very foreign and strange territory for me. It’s why to this day, I hadn’t even dated anyone in years or ever since I walked this planet. It’s why I gave up on dating because of technology and the fact that this generation has killed the idea of dating and relationships.

The reason why dating pretty much sucks is because people like myself are often left behind in the dating and relationship game. You have women, who will skip over people like myself for various reasons. In my case, being deaf in one ear, having an Intersex condition, A micropenis and looking younger than your age, puts me out of any future chance of dating and relationships. It’s why I’ve completely stopped looking because I know my chances are slim to none. All I am doing is hoping for nothing because the reality is that dating and relationships are never gona happen in my lifetime.

One thing I hate the most is dating sites and dating apps. I have a deep hate and disdain for dating apps and dating sites because of the fact that they are biased towards a curtain kind of person and if you don’t fit the curtain profile, then you shit out of luck in the dating and relationship game. It’s why apps like Tinder and EHarmony always make me growl and give them the dirty look because they have ruined dating and relationships and they have made it extra difficult for people like me. On top of that, they exclude people like me who don’t fit the profile.

It’s why in my opinion, dating and relationships seriously sucks because i’m always skipped over and that no one looks at me as a viable partner. Instead, I just get on with my life and I don’t care anymore if someone wants to date me or not. It’s why I simply gave up on any thought or idea of me ever dating or having a relationship.