Hillary’s deplorable comment

This is really gona hurt Hillary Clinton at the polls with here Deplorable comment. What she just pulled is what Mitt Romney did in the 2012 campaign with his 47% comment. Many people are trying to dismiss this but what many people don’t realize is that history has a way of repeating themselves. In this case, what Hillary Clinton just pulled is a Mitt Romney’s 47% and in my view, this is FAR worse than what Mitt Romney pulled in 2012. Even though Mitt Romney’s 47% comment cost him the Election and the White House.  Hillary Clinton’s “basket of Deplorable” comment is going to come back and bite her in the worst way. I also think it’s gong to damage the Democrats so badly that they will never recover from this comment and they will alienate a large voting block in this country.

You can see, that even Donald Trump jumped on Hillary’s comment and went out swinging against her for calling his voting block a “basket of Deplorable”.

You can see that Donald Trump wasted no time and called out Hillary Clinton for attacking his voters, supporters and the voting bloc in this country. Since Hillary Clinton called every voter in this country a “basket of Deplorable”, she basically handed Donald Trump and the GOP the keys to the White House. What Hillary just pulled is a version of Mitt Romney’s 47% comment and it’s going to come back and dog her up until election day in November.

I’m gona say this, Voters in this country are never gona forget what she said about them and when it comes to Election day, they know who they are going to vote for and her “basket of Deplorable” comment is going to dog and haunt her for a long time. The Clintons because screwed themselves over on this one and they made it so damn easy for Donald Trump to nail Hillary Clinton and win the White House.