Last night’s debate opinion

My honest opinion on the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton debate night is one of many things. First off, Donald Trump needs a better debate coach and needs to seriously slap Hillary Clinton alot harder on the benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and the fact that Hillary Clinton called the American voting public the basket of deplorables. On top of that Donald Trump needs to hit Hillary Clinton on the fact that she takes campaign money from Muslim countries that have a hatred for Women and LGBT people.

I simply think Hillary Clinton is trying to get under Donald Trump’s skin but I think it’s not working and it’s backfiring her in the worst way. The way she said that fact checkers need to get to work goes to show that she was caught with her pants down. I simply think she got caught lying with her damn pants on fire. What really got my blood pressure going is the fact that she claimed to be prepared to be president. When in reality, she’s prepared to sell out America and she’s more prepared to be prison inmate of the year. I think Hillary tried to attack Donald Trump but that never got nowhere fast.

The one thing I saw that no other liberal media will ever notice is how Hillary Clinton is using Obama’s failed polices to prop her campaign. It seems like Hillary Clinton is rehashing President Obama’s failed domestic and foreign polices and trying to use it in her campaign. We saw that last night in the debates when Hillary Clinton invoked one of President Obama’s many failed domestic and foreign policies as if it’s her own. On top of that the debate showed that Hillary Clinton wants to take America back to Bill Clinton’s days and the days of 2008.

In my opinion, I think Donald Trump won the 1st round of the debates because he hit her on the Email scandal and the fact that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president. What I think Donald Trump needs to do on the next one is Hire a better debate coach and I think the next debate, they should get Judge Judy to moderate the next debate. Overall, I nearly choked on my drink after hearing what Hillary had to say and I nearly wanted to toss my Tv out of the room. Overall, I think Donald Trump needs to slap Hillary alot harder and slam her alot harder on people as well.