The Dark side of Intersex

What many people don’t seem to realize that their is often an invisible side to being born with an Intersex condition. It’s a hidden side of being Intersex because some people in society would not know what Intersex or what an Intersex condition would looks like if they got slapped upside the head. The fact is, many intersex specific conditions are invisible until at birth, puberty or when it’s time conceive and have a family. Often times these Intersex conditions remain invisible because the LGBT has a habit of sexualizing and fetishizing intersex people and their medical condition. On top of that Intersex people are fearful of their intersex medical condition being reduced to a sex, gender or gender ID instead of leaving it as a medical condition.

That’s why many people who have AIS, CAH, Turners, Klinefeltners and Kallmann’s syndrome are fearful of being associated with the Intersex label because of the fact that the LGBT has sexualized and perverted the Intersex name, label and identity. It’s why many intersex conditions remain largely invisible because of the way the LGBT has mistreated the intersex name. It’s why many parents of Intersex kids are afraid of associating their child’s Intersex condition with the LGBT. On top of that, many Intersex people don’t feel like having their Intersex specific medical condition sexualized.

The invisible side of being Intersex and having Kallmann’s syndrome is that I am fighting a battle on my own with no support or backing of anyone. I’m fighting to simply exist as a normal person who happens to have an Intersex medical condition called Kallmann’s syndrome. I’m fighting to simply exist and be heard instead of being pushed into the shadows or hidden from society. Often times I am fighting a battle with no end in sight because being Intersex and having Kallmann’s syndrome means I am largely hidden and invisible. People would not know if I have Kallmann’s syndrome unless I said it up front. On top of that many people would not know if I have Kallmann’s syndrome unless I was stripped naked and they can see what my Intersex genitals looks like.

It’s why many of the rare diseases that are out their are no visible and what people think of other people having a rare disease is that something they can see in front of them. What many people don’t seem to understand is that their are many rare diseases that are not visible and are only seen on a medical test or medical exam by a doctor or scientist. Ot’s why sometimes when people think of rare diseases, they think of the visible rare diseases and not the invisible ones that can only be seen on a medical exam or a medical test.

It’s why the invisible side of being intersex for me, is that I am often times fighting a battle on my own and with no support from anyone from my family to my friends. My only support comes from my doctors who takes care of me for my Kallmann’s syndrome. I have fought it so much that people never see the scars from all the battles I had to fight to exist as an Intersex person let alone be recognized as someone who has Kallmann’s syndrome. That’s why, what many people don’t seem to see from me is that I am often times at war trying to exist and trying to be normal despite having an Intersex condition called Kallmann’s syndrome.