Tug collides with LCS Montgomery, cracks the hull

Less than three weeks since a pair of engineering casualties sent the trimaran into port for repairs, Montgomery took a hard knock from a tug as it sortied from Mayport, Florida ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

Seriously, This is beyond insanity here. the LCS is a POS that needs to be put out of it’s misery. If this keeps up, the US Navy won’t have any frigates and the bulk of the work will be handed to every Burke Destroyer. The LCS as it is, is a Huge liability and it’s gona get someone killed if we don’t cancel this program.

I have said it so many times that the POS LCS needs to be cut ASAP and the US Navy needs to have a LONG talk with France on the French version of the FREMM Frigate or South Korea with the Incheon class Frigate or with Germany with the F-125 Frigate. The other option would be to Keel-haul the US Navy to have a really long discussion with the US Coast Guard on up gunning the National security Cutter design into a Patrol frigate.

Source: Tug collides with LCS Montgomery, cracks the hull