The War of Words

It seems like in this Campaign season that people are getting offended at every little word in the book. It just seems like both political parties can’t seem to grow up and grow a pair. For example, the Democrats are hounding Donald Trump over what he said about Women and how he views women. What the Democrats and the Liberals seem to forget is that the DNC, HRC and Bill Clinton said the same thing about people as well. It just seems like this generation is getting more offended over words than Actions. It seems like this generation doesn’t care about actions and only cares about what others say.

Here’s what Donald trump has to say

On top of that the Liberal media and the establishment tried to push him out but he was and is staying.

What’s sad is that’s the Democrats and liberals are not equally hounding Hillary Clinton over what she said about the American Voting public and how she called people “Basement dwellers” and “Deplorable”. You don’t see the democrats calling out HRC and the DNC for that as well.

What also surprised me is that even one of Bill Clinton’s rape victims by the name of Juanita Broaddrick came out and spoke against what Hillary Clinton has said such as:

Even their is a Video that Breitbart did, where Juanita Broaddrick detailed the Rape that Bill Clinton did and how Hillary Clinton protected him.

It dose make you wonder with the war of words over what Donald Trump says, why are people not attacking Hillary Clinton over the same words she used in the Campaign. It seems to me that the liberal media and the establishment is biased and discriminatory. It’s why I don’t trust the Liberal media or the establishment anymore. and with mud being slung by both sides, makes you wonder who do you trust these days. I also think we are reliving 2008 all over again.