My 3rd poetry book

My 3rd poetry book is now out. It took me a while to publish it and now I have written 3 major poetry books. Though I know people will never read them, but knowing that I can publish a book is something that most people will never be able to master or do in their lifetime. My 3rd poetry book called, “living the Dream” is about trying to live my life through all the crap I face and deal with. It’s simply telling how I see, hear, say and feel about the world around me.

This book is now one for the record books because I now can say, I have 3 published poetry books and I can take a decent break. My next book, I am planning on writing over next year is Novel based on the life and upbringing of an Intersex person. It’s basically a story about me but the name of a character will be based on my life story and growing up as an Intersex person. I hope to have it published in 2018 and by this time next year, it should be ready to be published.

I write because for me, it’s the only way I get to tell my story or speak my mind. I can never speak my mind online or in person because I feel that in 2016, your not allowed to have an opinion or speak your mind. So for me, writing is the only way I can speak up, speak my mind and tell my story. Writing through poetry or essay, is the only way I am going to be able to get to people about my story.

Here’s a Link to my Book that you can buy;