Facebook targeting pro trump post

It seems like Facebook aka Fascistbook is at it again. They seem to be censoring post or sharing of anything that is anti liberal or anti democratic. It seems like they have put me in Facebook jail again for something I shared and they blocked me for 30 days. Which pissed me off because how the fuck can you get suspended for sharing something on facebook that someone else posted. I think Facebook is getting more absurd and politically bias against political speech. They seem to be targeting conservatives and anyone posting anything conservative post. I simply think Facebook is targeting conservatives after a Donald Trump Presidential victory and they are targeting Donald Trump supporters and Conservatives who backed Donald Trump.

Which is why they targeted me because I shared a post that was anti democrat and anti Liberal. In which they went after me for sharing a post that someone else posted and targeted me for sharing that post. Which is why they blocked me and suspended me for 30 days. It’s why I am starting to get fed up with Liberal Fascist Facebook silencing opposing views and opposing speech. They are simply silencing any post that goes against their liberal ideology. What amazes me is that Facebook contributed to the Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and which is why they were attacking Conservative post and silencing anyone who post anything against Hillary Clinton or the Democrats.

In my view, I think Facebook is simply censoring opposing speech and opposing views. They are not giving opposing views equal time and equal sharing. In fact I firmly believe that liberal social media sites like Facebook routinely violate the 1st amendment, Freedom of speech and freedom of the press rights. In my opinion, I think Donald Trump should bring back the Fairness Doctrine for Social media and impose laws on Social media to comply with US laws including the 1st amendment rights.

As for me, I am not worried if Facebook aka Fascistbook blocks or suspends me. I have my back ups such as Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Linkedin, Vine, snapchat and Tumblr. I have many ways people can get a hold of me and I don’t have to use Facebook aka Fascistbook. Google Plus is my Emergency back up when Facebook aka Fascistbook blocks me.