The Liberal Left & Democrats have only themselves to blame

It seems like the Liberal left and the Democrats in this country are showing their true colors and showing how Intolerant they really are, after losing their election. They seem to be showing their racist true colors by attacking white people and anyone who supported Donald Trump. Simply put, the Liberal Left and the Democrats in this country hate the Rule of law and the Freedoms that are part of the United States of America. The Liberal left hate freedom and liberal left is in bed with socialist ideology.

Here’s an example of the Liberal Left’s so-called tolerance when in reality it’s showing their true intolerance by protesting and rioting. Simply put, the Millenial generation is having a temper tantrum like a 2 yr old, all because they are not getting things their way;

What amazes me here is that many of the Liberal Left and Democrats are simply having a temper tantrum like a 2 yr old or 5 yr old who isn’t getting their way. They are being very destructive and even going so far as to attacking Donald Trump supporters and Donald Trump Voters. I have even seen some say they want to secede from the US and some want to start a civil war in this country.

What President-elect Donald Trump needs to do on Jan 20 2017, is to seriously crack down on those who disrupt democracy in this country. That means sending the FBI and rounding up anyone who disrupt democracy and the rule of law in this country. I also believe that President-elect Donald Trump needs crack down on the Liberal left by making an example out of them by rounding those who would put the American Democracy in danger by tossing them in federal prison. President-elect Donald Trump needs to make an example out of these whiny, sissy liberals who are having a temper tantrum.

That’s why, the liberal left in this country can’t blame the Donald Trump supporters and Donald Trump Voters. The only have themselves to blame because after they bullied, intimidate and harassed these Donald Trump supporters and Donald Trump Voters. What do you think is gona happen after the liberals and democrats bullied them. They are gona retaliate and vote for Donald Trump in anger. That anger is because the Liberals and democrats bullied, intimidate and harassed the voters by calling them bigots, racist, homophobic & xenophobic.

So for the Liberals and democrat’s to say that racism, homophobia & xenophobia won, are full of shit because it’s not about racism, homophobia & xenophobia. It’s because these Liberals and democrats in this country bullied and intimidated the voters, to the point that the voters voted for Donald Trump in anger for being bullied. Simply put, the Democrats and Liberals in this country are scapegoating and blaming someone else to hide the fact that they pushed and bullied the voters into voting for Donald Trump. It’s simply their fault for angering the voters into voting for Donald Trump. The Liberals and democrats simply bullied people and now they want to scapegoat them and blame them for voting for Donald Trump.

In my opinion, I think the Liberals and Democrats in this country are full of shit. The People who are protesting and chanting “Not my President” are nothing but whiny 2 year olds having a temper tantrum, all because they are not getting their way. The people who are wanting a civil war or secede from the US, should be rounded up immediately and be tossed into Federal Prison. What these protester’s need is to be rounded up and be tossed in prison where they belong. They simply are showing how immature they are and in reality, they should have their adult card yanked from them.